1000 WORDS or LESS

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1000 WORDS or LESS has a standardised entry/story form which must be used when submitting a completed entry.  

Your story can be typed or pasted into the last page/s of the entry form.

Please ensure your entry complies with the following:
 • is written in English [UK or US] and has been checked for spelling and grammatical errors;
 • is fictitious in content, does not exceed 1,000 words and is the author’s own work;
 • if previously published, the work is not restricted by any license or agreement to another publisher;
 • the content of the story is the author’s choice;
 • is submitted by email as an editable Word file [not as a pdf or png or jpeg file].

HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY – a completed and eligible entry consists of:

(1) Entry Form/Story Form with all text boxes highlighted in yellow containing a response.  A fictitious story authored by

the entrant, submitted as the last page/s of the entry form and

(2) Proof of Payment of $15 AUD entry fee to 1000 WORDS or LESS by PayPal or bank transfer.

The cost of entry is $15 Australian (AUD).  More than one entry can be submitted and each entry will cost $15 AUD.


(i) PayPal – for further information on paying securely using PayPal, please view these links:
 PayPal Australia - Online Payments https://www.paypal.com.au and PayPal International Money Transfers https://www.paypal.com

 Email to send payment to:                   [email protected]
 Amount you have sent:                         $15 AUD (or for multiple entries increase the amount)
 Subject line of your payment email:    Entry Fee from [Your Name]
 Your message to the recipient:            Add title of your story (or story titles if more than one entry).
PayPal will send an email to 1000 WORDS or LESS and provide you with verification of the payment.

(ii) Internet Banking – Pay Anyone facility offered by most banks. You will need to contact 1000 WORDS or LESS by email to obtain our bank account details. After payment, your bank will provide you with an online receipt (usually with your account number de-identified).  Please email the online receipt with your entry form.  The receipt can be in pdf or another file format.


Please note: 2016 competition rounds have closed.  Proposed dates for 2017 competitions will be published on the website in 2017.

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